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Being a Wisdom House Author is really being a valued member of an exclusive family. We strive to build a mutual relationship based in trust and guidance, and this relationship doesn't just end once your book is published. We want to continue to be engaged with you and your creativity, not only throughout the publishing process but after its completion as well. Each book we publish not only represents the best of the author but the best of Wisdom House Books.

Homer's Grace
Best Practices
This Land
Climate Warrior
Fifty Million
We Have the Stars
Phantom of the Dolomites
A President in the Family
Visual Impact!
Golden Man
Real Solution
Ava Antibody Explains Your Vody and Vaccines
A Tinge of Vulgarity
Grandma's Halloween Stories
Down the Snake Hole
The Paris Photo
And the Silent Spoke
Daughter Undefined
Danny and the Moon
The Blue Jay Blues
Emmas Book of Courage
Jamarr's Promise
Fate Ball
Yes I Can
Trip Walk
The Madea Factory
The Fairies of Turtle Creek
The Consciousness Paradigm
The Blood Sweat
The pig and the pony
Species Cover
The Wind Horse
My Debt to You
Izzy and the Lost Butterfly
The Gathering at the Church Street Brewery
Ellies First day of School
9 Months
Em and Moo Front
The Yawn
Aggie Boyle and the Lost Beauty
The Jolt Felt Around the World
Jared's Last Carrot
My Name is Curly
Woulda Been
Elllie and Her Emotional Dragons
Horses and Ponies Activity Book
High Fashion High Adventure
Channeling The Mothership
The Adventures of the Missing Sock
Fashion Fads and Fantasies
Cecil and the Big Wave
A Big Helping of Sothern witha Pinch of Poetry
The Realm of Spirit: The Connected Be-ing
The Osprey's View
The Listening Project
A Higher Voice
Power Omega
Outside Insight
Kit 'n Kat
The Basilisk
The Hunderson Adventures
A Special Light
A Legacy Created
Fair-Skinned Brunette with the Porcelain Shine
Finding Gauguin
20 20 Vision
Beyond the Rational Realm
You were worth the wait
Apollo's Lyre: The Art of Spiritual Psychotherapy
The Art & Science of Wine Retail
Economic Termites
The Pink House
The King of Light
The Art of Being a PITA
The Winning Edge Way
Unleashing Your Superpower
The Brilliance of Blondes
Freckles are Fabulous
Jack and Almost Jill
Always in Fashion
Reaching for the Moon
The Bones of Time
Gwendolyn's Sword
The Amazing Journey
A Deeper Cut
Ivey and the Airship
The Morrigan