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A Deeper Cut

A prank gone horribly wrong . . .

When Hunter Kittrell and his beautiful friend, Miki, arrive in Beaufort, North Carolina for their summer stay, they decide to liven up the small town by pulling a harmless prank. That "harmless prank," however, quickly finds them deeply entangled in a blood bath face-off with a knife-wielding serial killer.

As the usually-peaceful town is dragged into chaos, Hunter and Miki find themselves drawn more deeply into the investigation, and it turns out their connections to the murders may not be as tenuous as they seemed at first. As the investigation continues, burning questions bubble to the surface: Why is Hunter being framed for the murder? And why are there mentions of his long-lost father popping up all over town?

Everything comes crashing down to a startling conclusion on Hunter's 21st birthday, when he's finally forced to confront the truths he's been running from all his life.

2013    PB ISBN: 978-0-9891821-1-9  •  LCCN: 2013919011

FICTION / Thrillers / General

Book Size: 5.5 x 8.5    Page Count: 344   Book Price: PB $12.99 U.S.


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