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Wisdom House Books was a God-send. As a first time author, I knew little to nothing about the publishing of a book. Initially, I was afraid that no one would want to publish it, and I feared if they did, the book would be completed changed.

Although the stages of editing were intense and took tremendous time and energy, Kelsey’s guidance crafted a final version that is much more vivid, descriptive and powerful…yet during the entire process, she was diligent in making certain that we never lost my voice. 

When I look at what the book was before Wisdom House, and what it is now… it’s truly amazing. The cover design that Ted created is a masterpiece - receiving praise and accolades from many people, including experts in marketing, outside of book publishing.

Ted, Clara, Kelsey and team have been remarkable. Supportive and encouraging. I simply could not have imagined a better publisher.

To date, the book has received 5, 5-star reviews with Readers’ Favorite, as well as untold compliments by readers. My gratitude is immense.

Joseph Goodrich, Ed.D.

Ted, Clara, and the Wisdom House Books team are consummate professionals who completely understand the complex and detailed publication process. They took the time to answer every question and they provided the professional guidance and perspective required for me to make an informed decision on how to publish and market my first children's book. Additionally, they were very flexible with the layout and format process, which can be challenging when the illustrator and publisher have different ideas on how the illustrations and text should be presented. Wisdom House Books responded to every inquiry via email or phone call in a timely manner and they ensured I was confident with the results. The final product was a beautiful book that has earned multiple book awards and other professional recognition.  I recommend Wisdom House Books to anyone who takes the publication process seriously and wants to ensure the highest quality publication from cover to cover. I submitted book two to Ted and his team and I look forward to publishing multiple books with them!  Semper Fidelis Wisdom House Books!


Thanks again, Ted.  You and your team rock.

Penny Ledbetter

The search for just the right publishing company to work with me on the publication of the Woulda Been manuscript lead me to Wisdom House Books. After reaching out to Ted Rubyal and Clara Jackson, I immediately felt at ease and part of the Wisdom House Books family. Their willingness to meet with me personally to discuss the publication process, as well as, the support that would be provided combined with their sensitivity to my needs as a writer/author fostered the development of a trusting relationship. Wisdom House Books operates with the upmost integrity. There is no hidden agenda. Their goal is truly to assist writers to publish their craft in such a manner that it brings dignity to the finished work, the writer and to Wisdom House Books.

Krystal Smith, Senior Designer/Illustrator for Wisdom House Books, masterfully created watercolor illustrations which brought the work to life. Thoughtfully, Krystal requested photos and other details which would assist her in creating illustrations which captured my vision of the story. She continually shared with me the progress of her work beginning with black and white drawings through the completion of the final illustrations.

Without hesitation, I recommend Wisdom House Books to individuals desiring a publishing house which provides the guidance and resources necessary to successfully complete and promote published writing projects.

Andi C. Kryszak

Author of "My Name is Curly"

I cannot say enough about how wonderful it has been to work with the team at Wisdom House Books. I had never written a book before and had no idea about how publishing worked and what is involved. I really appreciate how they took the time to explain the process to me, and they have always answered my questions and concerns promptly and kindly. 


It is frightening when you start the process and search for reviews of publishing companies. There are some really bad ones out there that seem to take advantage of writers. I am so thankful to have found Wisdom House Books. They truly do care about your success. 


At this time, my book My Name is Curly is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble's website (as well as a few others). The marketing team at Wisdom House Books created my press kit, and I have signings lined up in bookstores, libraries, and pet rescue events. I love that the marketing team has taught me so much about social media, blogging, and entering contests. I have learned so much this past year.


If you are looking for a hybrid publishing company, give Wisdom House Books a call. Best wishes on your writing journey!

Jerry McDaniel

Author of "Channeling the Mothership."

Publishing my first book was an experience I will never forget. I had been writing a blog for two years when the Universe told me to put it into a book.

Not knowing where to turn, I had decided to independently publish, so I posted on Twitter that I was planning to become an independently published author. The only publishing company to respond was Ted, the owner of Wisdom House Books.

We talked on the phone, and Ted convinced me to give them a try. I never looked back. The process was much longer than I thought it would be as we went through several revisions, which took months of going back and forth, but in the end, I realized that Wisdom House Books was turning me from a writer into an author.

The cover was gorgeous, the support was outstanding, the editing pushed me to be better, and the end result exceeded all of my expectations. In short, the editing process made my book read like a book, rather than a series of blogs.

My book was selected as a finalist in the New Age Nonfiction category in the Bookfest Best New Books of 2017 Awards. I couldn’t be more pleased with WISDOM HOUSE BOOKS, and I plan to use them again on my next book, due to be out in two years.

Mark Carroll

Author of "Reaching for the Moon."

“I am so grateful I chose Wisdom House Books to publish my new book. I have been a professional singer/pianist for over sztr years and wanted to document my experience of those glorious, glamorous, and star-studded years in a book. I heard about Wisdom House from a known author, and she could not have raved more about Wisdom House Books. I called them, they read my book, Reaching for the Moon, and they wanted to publish it.


From start to finish working with Ted Ruybal at Wisdom House Books, I knew I was in the right place. I trusted his integrity, expertise, and taste. Wisdom House, Ted Ruybal, and his staff made my book come alive, and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Christine Williams

Author of "The Listening Project."

I love Wisdom House Books!


Ted Rubyal and Clara Jackson’s formula for success is simple and straightforward.  They strive to build a customer focused relationship with clients, use their extensive knowledge, skills, and talents to provide the best design/publishing/marketing services for independent authors available on the market today, and do it in a way that is professional, ethical, and creative.


I worked with the Wisdom House team of Ted, Clara, Arielle, Liz, and Sara over a period of ten months to publish and launch my book The Listening Project: Lessons of Life, Love, and Listening to God.  Their advice, guidance, and support were invaluable.  During this time Ted not only designed an esthetically professional and beautiful book that appeals to readers, but Clara and the team helped me to establish the foundational branding, social media structures, and contacts needed to launch my career as an author, presenter, and workshop facilitator. 


The publishing and marketing journey is not for the weak hearted. As an author, you really need to trust that the people you are working with are going to guide you through the process step by step—to go the distance. Very importantly, you want to know that they will honor the commitments they made and that you will receive their personal attention when it is needed. Wisdom House Books did all of the above and more. Thank you for making my publishing /marketing journey so positive.  I am proud to be a Wisdom House Books author!

Adam W. Jones

Author of "Fate Ball."

“Finding Wisdom House Books was a life-changing decision for me and my first novel, Fate Ball. I was floundering with my old editor and I had no direction for getting my novel published. Wisdom House assigned me a fabulous editor who gave me wonderful suggestions and who helped build my confidence. She made me a better writer and gave my novel a depth that it did not have before we met. 


Once Fate Ball was completed, Wisdom House guided me through a marketing and public relations plan that has worked out beautifully. Their hard work and industry connections got my book out there and in the right hands. If Fate Ball is successful then the team at Wisdom House Books receives 90% of the credit. I would highly recommend Wisdom House Books to any author looking for a professional design, editing and marketing team with your best interest at heart.”


—Adam W. Jones, author of Fate Ball

Liliane Richmane

Author of "The Bones of Time."

I can’t say enough positive things about Wisdom House Books. During the year we spent putting together my beautiful book, The Bones of Time, Ted, Clara and their team were incredibly professional and timely in their work. 


Wisdom House Books would always answer immediately if I had a question about anything. When I was not sure how to proceed in the publication process, they would offer to assist and help me resolve any issue. I sent frequent requests for changes and went through multiple editing stages, and they were always prompt and attentive to detail. 


My readers have consistently praised Ted’s cover design. I love seeing my father and mother paired together on the delicate background he chose for the cover. The interior is special as well. He included images of the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty to set off different parts of the book, and those add a nice touch. I have also heard from readers that they are grateful for the well-organized pages and easy-to-read fonts.


Thank you Wisdom House Books for all that you have helped me achieve. The Bones of Time continues to fare well and attract new readers. I am happy to be part of the roster of authors working with Wisdom House.

Stephanie Lisa Tara

Author of "The Hug Book" and "Nola."

Folks: I love to support grassroots artists, planet-loving good people who care, care, care. Good hearts. Such is the case with my dear, friend, Ted Ruybal and his team at Wisdom House Books, friends for over ten years.


So here goes, at Christmastime, a special thank you to Ted . . . you know how it is when you have a perfect artistic friendship with someone—you know that if you pop up at 2 a.m. and decide in a cold sweat that your manuscript is all wrong—you can call your friend who talks you through your book crisis calmly? This is my relationship with the magnificently talented Ted Ruybal, who has breathed sheer magic into all my books since 2003.


Ted has won me international awards too, celebrity endorsements, on all six of my titles. If you are a working author, an aspiring author, or an author in need of a shot of fresh vitamins: please do not hesitate to contact Wisdom House Books. They can advise you, guide you, publish your literary projects with aplomb, panache, wit, magic, and I'm not sure how he does it, but—turnaround times that would make a hummingbird stare. Their design acumen is tops, layouts, advertisements, interactive social media campaigns . . . all at a blue chip/top of the line level. Ted’s a super nice guy too. Cares about the planet, philanthropy. Making the world a better place. Call Wisdom House Books, folks. Make your book dream, a reality.

Sheri Wren Haymore

Author of "A Deeper Cut" and "A Higher Voice."

The best way for me to explain why a writer should choose Wisdom House Books is to describe a rewarding week I spent in Beaufort, NC, the setting for one of my novels. Two book clubs had read the novel and invited me to join their respective meetings. A perfect stranger, who is now my perfectly lovely new best friend, took me into her home, introduced me to her friends, and treated me like royalty. Both book clubs were eager to discuss the book and hear more about me, as well as my other novel. One of the clubs even paid me to speak!


This did not come about because I’m a great writer. It happened because I had great books to offer. From start to finish, with both of my novels, Wisdom House Books gave their full attention to producing and marketing great books. The covers are compelling; the layout and design, as well as editing and proofing, are superb. The staff did everything they could possibly do to get my books on shelves, in online stores, mentioned in blogs, and more. They found reputable reviewers and guided me through finding my voice and being heard, both online and in person.


And so I was able to speak to forty readers in Beaufort as a North Carolina author with books that I am proud of which are worthy of attention.


You can be somebody who has written a book all by yourself. But if you desire to be the author of a great book that will be viewed by readers and reviewers as a relevant commodity, I highly recommend the services of Wisdom House Books.

Lucia Powe

Author of "The Osprey's View."

Ted and Clara at Wisdom House went beyond the "call of duty" during the process of publishing my mother, Lucia Peel Powe's second book entitled "Osprey's View." They were attentive to detail, patient with the author and understanding of her wishes. The end result was everything we hoped it would be and more.

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