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Journey Through Thistles & Time

The thistle plant has deep roots and can flourish even in very poor soil. Its flowers are beautiful but almost impossible to gather. Because of its “barbs” it is seldom touched. In many ways, life’s journey is like a thistle – beautiful to behold but painful to grasp.

Most of these poems were written to make you laugh, cry, remember, bring you solace and/or inspiration. A few of them are intended to “prick” the conscience of society on certain issues that are also deep rooted and seldom touched.

Come, journey with me, through thistles and time.

2023    PB ISBN: 978-1-7332444-5-9    HB ISBN: 978-1-7332444-3-5. •. LCCN: 2023907393

 POE023000 | POETRY: Subject & Themes - General

 Book Size: 5 x 8    Page Count: 96    Book Price: PB $12.99 U.S.  $17.99 CAN


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