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The Jolt Felt Around the World 3D.png

The Jolt Felt Around the World

Mother Earth becomes so heavy with trash that one day, with a great jolt, she starts falling from the sky. Leaders around the world frantically begin developing plans for Earthlings to evacuate and flee to other planets, only to find their requests denied. The other planets don’t want anything to do with the Earthling inhabitants! What will they do? Where can they go? The Earthlings must figure out how to save their dying planet before it’s too late. 

2020   HB ISBN:  978-1-7336573-0-3    LCCN: 2019917391

JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Values & Virtues 

Book Size: 8 x 10    Page Count: 32    Book Price: HB $18.99 U.S. 

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