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Greyse and Garbanzo Book-cover Front 3d.png

The Adventures of Greyse and Garbanzo:
Greyse and Garbanzo meet The Space Cats

Greyse and her brother Garbanzo visit Paris for a dream vacation with their cousin. However, when a Space Cat escapes to Earth they soon find themselves fighting for their lives against an enemy more powerful than they can imagine. With their cousin and new found friends, can they save Paris and the world from the evil paws of Dr. Fe Lyne? Join the twins on this fun-filled adventure of a lifetime! 

2024    PB ISBN: 978-1-962856-00-3    LCCN: 2023923329

 JUV002050 | JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Cats

 Book Size: 8.5 x 11    Page Count: 110    Book Price: PB $00.00 U.S.  $00.00 CAN


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