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Five-year-old Emma knows that it can be hard to be courageous-but thinks you should try! Courageous means having courage, which is when you’re really, really afraid to try something, but you do it anyway.

Emma shares moments when she’s needed courage, like when she did a backflip for the first time! It was scary, but she’s SO glad she did it. How, she can’t wait to try new things and wants to help you be more courageous, too! What might take some courage for you to try?

Emma's Book of Courage

2018    HB ISBN: 978-0-9997307-0-6     LCCN: 2017919245

JUVENILE FICTION / Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance / New Experience / Emotions & Feelings

Book Size: 8.5 x 11    Page Count: 18    Book Price: HB $10.99 U.S. 

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