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Visual Impact!
Transform Communication in Your Boardroom, Classroom, or Living Room

Whether you’re in a traditional school setting or a place of business, whether you’re a business leader, classroom leader, or learner of any age, using visual thinking will help you transform communication in ways that help others understand more clearly, engage more powerfully, and retrieve information more effectively. Studies show that information is recalled exponentially more when paired with visuals than without them . . . and to actually generate those visuals along with their connections? Whew. Mind. Blown.

Why wouldn’t you use visuals?

This A-Z reference guide, full of original illustrations, will inspire you, whether in the boardroom, classroom, or living room (thanks to virtual meetings), to expand what you thought possible. It will jumpstart your creativity into the realm of visual thinking and will push your thought processes beyond the confines of the typical ways we work to retain information. You will also learn how to think visually before, during, and after your imagery is created.

Pillars incorporates vast firsthand knowledge from experiences working with learners of all ages from K-12 to adults, in military and civilian contexts, with business and education professionals, overseas and stateside. She will empower you to think visually, experiment creatively, and to sketch more!

2021   PB ISBN: 978-1-7361248-0-2    LCCN: 2021900428

EDUCATION / Teaching Methods & Materials / General 

Book Size: 8.5 x 11    Page Count: 264    Book Price: PB $34.99 U.S.  $39.99 CAN


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