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My Debt to You

In My Debt to You, Elvage G. Murphy shares his personal and honest story about how his father and mother, who endured the harsh realities of Jim Crow, prepared him and his brother to navigate a world they knew would not be colorblind. From the perspectives of a lawyer, and educator, this story captures and illustrates the values imparted to him by his parents that provided a unique understanding of the reality of racism and discrimination that he would encounter. From a very young age, he was expected to overcome this reality without submitting to the rage and hate that accompanies its impact. It is an uplifting story for anyone who seeks to understand the day-to-day reality of facing bigotry without becoming victimized by it. It is also an insightful look into the dynamics of an American black family, and the uniqueness of black parenting.

2022    PB ISBN:  978-0-578-93982-7    LCCN: 2021916364

 Biography and Autobiography / Cultural, Ethnic and Regional / African-American and Black

 Book Size: 5.5 x 8.5    Page Count: 152    Book Price: PB $12.99 U.S.  $17.99 CAN


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