What would you do for love? For Able Curran, the answer is “anything.” 


Meeting Ava Dubose is the best thing to ever happen in Able’s young life, and the worst. Her wild, daring spirit captivates innocent Able, and the two quickly become inseparable. When Ava’s behavior becomes reckless, spurred on by her addictive personality, Able’s love for Ava blinds him, even when she leaves him. But love forever links their lives, whether they live thousands of miles away from each other or just across town. Fate Ball begins as the perfect love story, but soon turns into Able’s tortured quest to save his first love from herself and the dark demons that rule her from within.

Fate Ball

2016    PB ISBN: 978-0-692-47534-8   HB ISBN: 978-0-692-57830-8  •  EB ISBN: 978-0-9972118-0-1    LCCN: 2015957933

FICTION / General / Coming of Age

Book Size: 5.5 x 8.5    Page Count: 296   Book Price: PB $13.99 U.S. – HB $19.99 U.S. – EB $2.99 U.S.

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