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Freckles are Fabulous

Freckles are Fabulous is a story for children about finding self-confidence in the face of bullying, and accepting others without judging their appearance.

The protagonist, Jackie, learns to accept her freckles with the mantra her Grandmother teaches her “FRECKLES ARE FABULOUS!” Jackie’s grandmother calls them “sun kisses” and gives Jackie a new perspective on her freckles, the same freckles that her bully Kimmy called ugly.

The antagonist, Kimmy, learns the error of her bullying when she develops freckles herself. In the end, Jackie takes the high ground and helps Kimmy accept that her “FRECKLES ARE FABULOUS!”

2017    HC ISBN: 978-0-9992193-3-1      PB ISBN: 978-0-9992193-4-8     EB ISBN: 978-0-9992193-5-5    LCCN: 2017000000

JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Self-Esteem & Self-Reliances

Book Size: 8 x 8    Page Count: 24   Book Price: HB $17.99 U.S.  PB $6.99 U.S.  EB $4.00


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