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Homer's Grace

Growing up poor in the small Georgia town of Grace, Homer Pitts always suspected he might be something other than a Pitts. And a reclusive Swiss billionaire always suspected he might have a relative he didn’t know. It took the intoxicated Grace Sheriff riding Homer’s Llama, Horatio, into a swimming pool to connect the dots. Homer’s Grace tells the story of how Homer, impeccably dressed and always on the go, reconciles various challenges as he speeds towards “. . . setting right for eternity that which was wrong in life . . . .” Along the way, we meet a Russian family who works for Homer, Alvin Teabody—the world’s most versatile athlete and Homer’s best friend, an overzealous law officer who supervises a faux terrorist attack, and the Grace Historical Society and their wild mushroom party. And, of course, that reclusive Swiss billionaire.

2022    PB ISBN: 979-8-9861008-0-7    LCCN: 2022914319

 FICTION / Humorous / General

 Book Size: 6 x 9    Page Count: 256    Book Price: PB $15.99 U.S.  $19.99 CAN


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