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Bundy...The Psychopath's side of the Story 

 Dangerous and disregarding people don’t just drop out of the sky. Nor are they born bloodthirsty and cruel. When looking at the developmental years of adult criminals and juvenile delinquents or the selfish patterns of anyone that we must rub shoulders with, the question is asked “How does one get this way?” Typically we can see the answers within their genetic mental health history which may hint of possible concern and their first 5 years after birth which is their most impressionable social training ground.

This volume reveals what the source and beginnings of aberrant behavior looks like, and what the adults they become act like. It also gives us perspective as to how to recognize and at least avoid predators in regular person clothing.

Is there a cure or pill for predatory behavior?

Is there hope for your relative or coworker from Hell?

Where they come from, what they look like and how we can prevent or dodge them is the purpose of this book.

When it comes to the above questions Theodore Robert Bundy’s life gives us all the information we need.

2023    PB ISBN:  979-8-9891398-0-4    LCCN: 2023918754

 FAM001030 | FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Abuse / Domestic Partner Abuse

 Book Size: 6 x 9    Page Count: 336    Book Price: PB $14.99 U.S.  $20.99 CAN

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