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Reaching for the Moon

Reaching for the Moon is an honest portrayal of singer-pianist Mark Carroll's lifelong journey navigating the allures and pitfalls of the entertainment industry during the heyday of club singers like Peggy Lee and Jeri Southern. Carroll's life has been on the stage, with a backdrop of starlets, where his musical talents fit right in.

After growing up and out of Little Rock, Arkansas rather quickly, Carroll spent his life playing gigs everywhere from Dallas to Las Vegas to Chicago. Carroll recounts his experiences as a gay man honing his musical talents under the club lights, navigating the angels and demons of showbiz, and growing into the esteemed performer he is known as today. While fraught with battles against the lifestyle of the rich and famous, homosexual stigmas, and alcoholism, Reaching for the Moon is also a story filled with the light of a born entertainer who has healed and forgiven the world for its trespasses against him. 


2017    PB ISBN: 978-0-692-86301-5    HB ISBN: 978-0-692-86302-2    EB ISBN: 978-0-692-86303-9    LCCN: 2017945501

BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs / Entertainment & Performing Arts

Book Size: 5.25 x 8    Page Count: 240    Book Price: PB $16.00 U.S.  HB $24.00  EB: $7.50


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