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Author Services

WISDOM HOUSE BOOKS provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet every author's needs, ensuring the creation of a high-quality book and maximizing its potential under our dedicated care. We pride ourselves on being the embodiment of your literary excellence, a commitment that resonates throughout our services. Within our unique approach, we share a reservoir of trade secrets exclusively with our valued clients.


Our team synergizes an array of expertise gained over years in Publishing, Editing, Advertising, Production, Event Planning, and Art and Photography representation, all dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Wisdom House Books stands out as a publisher like no other; we believe that a great book deserves individualized attention, not mere automation or bulk packaging. With us, you have the flexibility to select the services you need, ensuring a bespoke experience. For further details on the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your literary journey deserves nothing less than the exceptional care provided by Wisdom House Books.

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Owl edit your book.
Copywriting • Editing • Proofing • Ghost writing
• Indexing • Press writing
Web & Social media copy writing

Working closely with our authors, w​e understand the hard work and the countless hours you spent writing your book. Our writing talent are the extra eyes you need to polish and ready your book for publishing. We can do anything from fleshing out plot points to making sure a simple comma is in place. Wisdom House Books editors are trained in the Chicago Manual Style of Editing for accuracy. No book is perfect but we get you as close to perfect as possible.

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Owl design your book.
Cover design • Interior design and layout
• Press production

Warning! Do not try this at home! Leave it to the professionals. Designing a book cover is the most important part of your book and your branding; done badly, your reputation may be at risk. Your cover is the sales pitch, your glorified business card, and the apex of your hard work, so don't go for anything less than great. From interior layout to press production, our files are built clean and press ready. Our design work speaks for itself and is equal to anything a major publisher puts on the shelves. In most cases, even better.

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Owl print your book.
Offset printing • Digital Printing
• Print on demand • Dust Jackets
• Foil Stamping • Spot Varnish

It's just not enough to have a great design if you're going to print it on tissue paper to sell in a Seattle coffee shop. We pride ourselves on using quality printing for those with a budget or those who wish to impress. Depending on the type of book you are writing, we can recommend anything from the best paper stock to a hard case cloth cover. Create a limited edition leather bind book or a children's book accented wtih sparkling gold foil that will make sure your book is the first book a child will hold in their hands. Invest a little extra and create a book to be absolutely proud of. 

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Owl customize your book.
Photography • Fine artists • Children's illustrator
• Graphic Artist

Your book should stand apart from your competition and sometimes stock images just won't do, especially for children's books. We represent some of the best talents around, from watercolorists, digital artists, fine artists, technical illustrators, children's illustrators and photographers. When you need original, professional art to compliment your book, we work together to find the right creative look to illustrate or photo shoot that wonder cookbook. As for the creative artists out there, consider publishing a book yourself. A large format coffee table book of fine art or a photo series would be the perfect next step in expanding your work to a wider audience.

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Owl promote your book.
Book Displays • Press Kits • Author Event Posters • Giveaways

Customized book displays, Action figures, Plush toys, Puzzles, Book marks, T-shirts and much much more we can think of. Your book should not be the only item on display. Take advantage of your book signing events by expanding your books potential and presentation with extra sales items and giveaways. But first, we need to make a great first impression with your press release. Wisdom House Books will design your media kit in a way that will best represent you and your book, not just a generic template design. Being visually impactful is our way of standing above the rest.

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Owl brand the author.
Business Cards • Logos • Letterhead • Post Cards • Promotional-leave-behinds

Once your cover design is complete, we are ready to brand your identity. You are the hero of this story so it's time to let the world know. We will develop your business collateral and logo to sync with your book promotion. Creating a brand based around YOU will heighten your reputation, expand your viability, and most importantly, sell your books. You will be the expert in your field and the go-to-author when media opportunities come knocking. Branding under Wisdom House Books has it's advantages but sometimes you might need your own brand to promote yourself or your company.

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