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Real Solutions

Our country faces a multitude of problems and challenges.  Included are rising college costs, widening income inequality, immigration, global warming, inadequate health care, and numerous others.  There is certainly no lack of discussion and debate about these issues.


While solutions are often offered, the remedies are usually little more than generalities.  The solutions are typically phrased as “we need to do more to—fill the blank.”  Little attention is given to how the recommended solution will work, if it will work, how it will be funded, and if there is any solid research backing its claims.   It’s little wonder our big national problems never seem to be solved.


“Real Solutions” is different. It offers specific, research-backed, fully funded recommendations for finally addressing our biggest challenges. The real solutions are not sugar-coated and they involve sacrifices.  But they show our problems can be addressed—if we want to address them.


Michael Walden is uniquely suited to provide these real solutions. As an academic for over forty years, he knows the research behind the problems and how to address them. But as an academic who has worked with elected officials, business owners, workers, and everyday people, he knows how to translate academic findings into understandable plans.   


With “Real Solutions,” there’s finally a public policy book with both a firm foundation and logical and workable ideas for ending our debates and solving our most pressing problems.

2020   PB ISBN: 978-0-578-67556-5    LCCN: 2020913348

POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / General

Book Size: 6 x 9    Page Count: 512    Book Price: PB $24.99


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