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Public Relations

SERVICES: Press release • Book reviews • Social media postings • Radio, TV, newspaper interviews • Book launch event planning 

Wisdom House Books will help get that promotional machine whirring and buzzing well before your book is published. Hit the ground running by creating the hype you need and connecting with the resources that recognize the Wisdom House brand. With the advantage of social media, there are many new ways to promote your book and build a fan base, but once you have your book in hand, it will take a little more power to get your book in front of reviewers, book stores, and live media. We have built a long list of contacts exclusive to our authors so your investment will have immediate results. Whether in TV, radio, newspaper, new media, endorsements, we will coach you, guide you and promote you.

What is the real secret to a successful marketing campaign? Prioritization. Boundless opportunities exist for generating exposure, but time and money are not quite as limitless. Organizations and individuals must carefully evaluate their spending abilities, the audience they wish to reach, and the scope of their goals in order to make the best choices for maximizing results with the desired audience.

Wisdom House Books can help. Our specialists at Wisdom House have expansive marketing expertise, pinpointing the strategies that will give you the greatest return for every dollar. Leveraging each marketing effort across a myriad of channels allows us to efficiently maximize every minute spent. The well of knowledge and experience our team draws from lets us execute your specific campaign in a timely manner and with better results.

Outlined below are your objectives and target audience, as well as the services offered by our team. Our foremost aim is not only to generate your desired results but to do so within your budget. By identifying the tactics that will give you the highest return for your money, the team at Wisdom House Books can help you achieve your goals and propel you into the next stage of your evolution as an author.

We welcome the chance to talk through this proposal in further detail and continue working with you to evaluate your opportunities.

For more information, please contact Clara Jackson, Owner, and Director of Public Relations:

or call at 984-215-0203.

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