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Golden Man

On his last day before retirement, James Stanson, donning his grandfather’s antique diving suit, floated below a Pacific iceberg, extracting ice samples for scientific research. With his oxygen hose attached to the diving vessel, James instructed the submarine pilot to back closer to the ice . . . but then something went terribly wrong.

The submarine collided into the bottom of the iceberg, sending the ship into a plummet to the ocean floor, with James dragging behind. After a nightmarish decent through the black abyss, James counted down his last seconds of life, until he saw a red light glowing in the depths. By supernatural means, or plain luck, James survived the crash and found a strange ship on the sea floor, with a red light pulsating above a windowed-door. 

James scrambled to the door with his last breath, found a way in, and discovered a mystery that would shape his life forever. 


From a breathtaking ascent to the surface, to a heart-warming story of sacrifice and friendship; James must find out what it means to become a true Golden Man.

2020   PB ISBN: 978-1-7334233-0-4   LCCN: 2020907293

FICTION / Action & Adventure

Book Size: 6 x 9    Page Count: 272    Book Price: PB $14.99 U.S.  $21.99 CAN


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