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A President in the Family

A President in the Family:

Thomas Jefferson, Sally Hemings, & Thomas Woodson

A President in the Family is really three stories. It is, first, the most complete account we have to date of the children of Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson. It is the fascinating story of a remarkable African-American clan of institution-builders, the Woodsons. And it is a saga of a family’s passionate quest to recover their hidden heritage. This is a book about links and connections, a story to make all Americans proud.

2021  •  PB ISBN: 978-1-7367733-0-7    LCCN: 2021914291

HISTORY / United States/ 19th Century 

Book Size: 6 x 9    Page Count: 0    Book Price: PB $24.99 U.S.  $29.99 CAN


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