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The King of Light

A mighty Crusader in Palestine, beholden to his love Isabel back home in Turin, curious Fedrick begins a remarkable journey into the unknown world of the Dark Gods. His world is quite literally turned inside-out after a chance nighttime encounter in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, leading Fedrick into a magical world full of talking animals, secret communities, fascinating characters, and an electrifying, twisting plot diverted by a series of grand mysteries and dark magic. Fedrick’s dangerous adventures lead him into action-filled battles with evil monarchs and magical friends in the parallel universe in which he finds himself, driven always by his desire to reach Isabel in Turin. However, the path to Turin is even more difficult and mysterious than Fedrick can imagine—a treacherous and ill-advised mission into the capital of the Forbidden Empire itself! Can Fedrick be reunited with his true love, Isabel, and outsmart the oppressive Dark Gods along the way, or will tragedy strike this fearless hero as he attempts to battle evil and bring freedom back to this magical world?


Fedrick’s adventures force him to grapple with diamond dragons, powerful hidden forces, and wicked curses, as well as an ever-surprising cast of eccentric characters in an extraordinary foreign universe.

2020    PB ISBN: 979-12-200-3598-9     LCCN: 2019917392

FICTION / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

Book Size: 6 x 9    Page Count: 256    Book Price: PB $16.95 U.S. 

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