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Leading to Self Discovery

“We are all wandering through life to get to know ourselves better, to understand our purpose in the world, and to respond to an inner calling we cannot fully describe or understand.” These are the words of author, Y.R. Lacska. This book takes us along on his personal hero’s journey through the worlds of martial arts, qigong, psychology, and spirituality, as he gradually discovers his life’s purpose. While this book doesn’t provide the answers to life’s questions, the author’s informative and illustrative approach to sharing his insights, inspired by the wisdom of C.G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, and others, and enriched by his personal stories, provides an engaging, humorous, and poignant framework for reflecting on our own life, and struggling with our own questions and challenges. In reading this book, we learn that like the heroines, heroes, and wanderers in myths and stories, we don’t know how our future will unfold, but if we learn to trust our hearts, the helpers along the way, and guidance from the transpersonal, we may just find our own way.

2023    PB ISBN:  979-8-218-27011-7    LCCN: 2023920421

 SEL021000 | SELF-HELP / Motivational / Inspirational

 Book Size: 6 x 9    Page Count: 200    Book Price: PB $12.99 U.S.  $20.99 CAN


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