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It's Just 9 Months . . . or is it 40 weeks?

The Shit They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy

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Whether pregnancy was nine months or forty weeks was a true point of contention with my husband, Cameron, and me. He legitimately thought I was crazy every time I spoke of our due date because it wasn't nine months after our estimated date of conception. it was only after several months that he got SO trusted that he breaded the topic and we ironed this "myster" out. From that experience (and a few more) it was evident that there were some grey areas around pregnancy that might need a little more attention and discussion. So, I got to writing. Whether over brunch, at a baby shower, or on a subway, I hope this brings out stories and conversations that normalize the oddities that go along with the incredible (and sometimes scary) experience of pregnancy.

2021   HB ISBN: 78-1-7363079-0-8    LCCN: 2020925969

HEALTH & FITNESS / Pregnancy & Childbirth

Book Size: 8 x 8    Page Count: 32    Book Price: PB $17.99 U.S.  $22.99 CAN


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