Ava Antibody Explains:
Your Body and Vaccines

With outbreaks of preventable childhood diseases occurring around the world, vaccine hesitancy is now considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) to be one of “Ten Threats to Global Health in 2019.” That’s right up there with climate change, HIV and flu pandemic (for which there is NO vaccine). Not one to shy away from controversy, I endeavor to offer fundamental facts on this topic and implore you to seek out reliable resources to further your own knowledge, such as WHO, National Institutes of Health (NIH) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In taking my own children to the doctor for shots, I do not recall any explanation of vaccine benefits. I was handed a sheet of paper; my child was poked in the leg and off I went with a crying kid! Now you can provide your child an explanation of vaccines they will understand. Ava Antibody Explains: Your Body and Vaccines is a valuable educational tool, introducing the immune system and basic role of vaccines in preventing sickness. Ava even explains herd immunity. This book gives you and your child a true inside look at how vaccinations help your body.

Ava will have many more adventures inside the body, and you can offer suggestions for next topics in the series.

2020   HB ISBN: 978-1-7334210-0-3   LCCN: 2020000000

JUVENILE NONFICTION / Science & Nature / Biology

Book Size: 8 x 8    Page Count: 24    Book Price: HB $17.99 U.S.  $23.99 CAN

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