November is a Terrible Month for Writer's Block

Some days, there isn’t much to write about. You might be distracted, or you might have fallen into a rut. Maybe it’s what a reporter would call a “slow news day.” Whatever the reason, the words just aren’t coming.

Writer’s block is one of the most common problems writers deal with. Even the best of us have days when penning even a single sentence is a struggle. With enough time and dedication, we can get past it, but what if we don’t have time? What if dedication isn’t the issue, because we really are trying our best?

This is the unpleasant reality for many NaNoWriMo participants right now.

It’s the second week of November, so the excitement of the first few days has worn off, but the finish line is still so far away. This when many NaNoWriMo writers give up. It’s hard to write so much every single day, especially when you don’t know where your story is going, or if you’re convinced, for whatever reason, that it’s simply no good.

If you’re going to make it through the end of the month, you need to commit to getting past your block. But how?

Obviously, you have to keep writing. You’ll never make the deadline if you don’t. Hopefully, after a bad day or two, you’ll overcome the block.

If you’re still having trouble, it might help to switch gears for a few minutes – just not for too long! Brainstorm ideas for another project that you’re still excited about. Enjoy that enthusiasm, and remind yourself that a month isn’t forever; a shiny new piece to work on in December can motivate you to keep going.