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Making the Movement

Making the Movement: Material Culture of the Civil Rights Movement is the companion book to Making the Movement: Civil Rights Museum. Making the Movement explores the material culture of the Civil Rights Movement, and how those objects helped the Movement achieve its objectives. The museum consists of hundreds of artifacts, such as buttons, flyers, posters, and pinbacks, spanning a hundred years of change, from the late nineteenth century through the 1970s. These were not collector’s items when they were produced; they were the nonviolent weapons used by those in the Movement to combat racial discrimination and violence. From the days of Reconstruction after the Civil War, through the rise of Jim Crow and the fight against disenfranchisement and segregation, the material culture of the Movement was integral to its changing goals and tactics. Each generation faced unique challenges, but the constant was the use of material culture to meet those challenges. Wearing, displaying, or holding these objects made the Movement possible; they helped raise money, recruit members, inform the public, influence legislation, change minds, and create a shared sense of belonging to a growing movement. 

2020   PB ISBN: 978-0-578-63552-1    LCCN: 2020000000

HISTORY / African American

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