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Jill K. Sayre

Jill K. Sayre had lived all of her life in a small town in California, but suddenly moved to Texas, looking at it as an adventure. Little did she know she’d fall in love with her new town, especially with the beautiful creek that runs through it.

The Fairies of Turtle Creek is her first novel, set in Highland Park, Texas. Drawing on the history of the area, she sets the stage for her story, weaving in folklore and modern fairy beliefs. Magical realism is a favorite of Jill’s, to read and write. She also loves nature, art, music, and seeking everyday beauty that is hidden in plain sight.

Jill holds a degree in art and elementary education, specializing in gifted students. She currently teaches children and teens at a local conservatory.

Jill lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, three kids, two cats, and a vizsla. 

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