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Dr. Evelyn Scales Thompson

Dr. Evelyn Scales Thompson is a native of Mount Airy, North Carolina. She completed her early education, first grade through twelfth grades, in the public schools before the 1952 Wade vs. the Board of Education court ruling. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Winston-Salem State University (Teachers’ College), a Master Degree in Guidance and Counseling at Columbia University Teachers’ College in New York City, and a Doctorate of Philosophy of Early Childhood Education from the University of Maryland at College Park, Maryland.

Her teaching career began in Mount Airy, North Carolina, where she taught fourth grade classes of African American children. This experience was followed with a two year period in Mainz, Germany where she taught a culturally diverse population of fourth grader with the Military Dependant Schools. Upon returning to the United States she spend the remaining time of her career in Montgomery County, Maryland Public School System and continued teaching elementary school children. Other career experiences included student teacher supervisor and various administrative positions during the twenty-five year period. One special and valuable experience afforded her the opportunity to develop curriculum activities and classroom organization that motivated ADHD diagnosed children to engage in classroom learning. The challenge deepened her confidence in reaching and motivating children to set goals and work toward them.

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