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Interior Editing & Proofing

FAQ for editing your manuscript

Q: What if my book has been edited?

A: Even if your book has been edited by someone else, the more eyes on a manuscript, the better. In order to make sure we represent the best of our authors and ourselves, we must ensure that previous editing meets our expectations and that the manuscript is as close to perfect possible. While a book might not need several rounds or types of editing, each manuscript must at least be proofread by Wisdom House Books. We do a diagnostic on the first complete read to let you know what the book needs in our professional opinion. 

Q: Will my book be ready after one edit?

A: Most likely, no. Unless a professional and careful editor has already reviewed the manuscript, most books need more than one round of editing. It is impossible to look for content issues and catch every single grammar and style issue in one read through. The first read through edit is for big picture fixes like logic, pacing, character development, and narrative arc. Only then can smaller fixes be attended to

Q: Do you only edit for grammar?

A: No. A good book is about more than just good grammar and properly placed commas. If the book needs structural attention, that will be addressed in the diagnostic read through

Q: How long will my book take to edit?

A: It depends on many factors. Careful and thoughtful editing takes time and requires a nourished awareness of the book’s purpose, audience, genre, and content. Our unflinching goal is to help authors put forth the best book possible

Q: Does the author have any say in edits and revision?

A: Yes! Because we want to make the author’s vision come to life, our editing process is an ongoing conversation with the author via in-document comments, email, phone calls, and/or in-person meetings

Stages and Types of Editing

Typically, manuscripts need more than one round of editing. It is impossible to read for content and big picture ideas and fix grammar and style at the same time. Each round of editing focuses on a different set of tasks. We do a first impression edit for free, which is 10-15 pages of tracked changes and 3-5 critique points. See below for the rest of our stages, and keep in mind that not every book needs every stage:

  • First read through and diagnostic for editing process—This first full read is to evaluate the state of the manuscript in its entirety. Using a diagnostic worksheet, we will be able to tell you what round(s) of editing the manuscript will need moving forward. 


  • Structural (Content) Edit—This edit focuses on the big and broad: plot, logic, pacing, and character development. 


  • Copyediting—This edit focuses on grammar, spelling, punctuation, mechanics, and style. At this point, all the main components of the manuscript are in place and working successfully. 


  • Proofreading—This is the final read through for any small errors that previously slipped through the cracks.

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