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Christine Williams

Christine C. Williams, PhD has spent most of her professional career as a facilitator, presenter, and consultant specializing in workplace conversations. Both professionally and personally, Christine’s life work is about building sustainable relationships. Her experiences with diverse workgroups motivated her to publish her first book, Working as One: Fundamental Conversations That Build Cooperation and Get Results, which supports coworkers’ efforts to talk with one another in productive and constructive ways.

The Listening Project is a natural evolution of thought and practice that moves Christine at this point in her career beyond the business world to the inner workings of her heart where she feels most at home. She has spent a lifetime journaling, much of which has been about her life experiences and growing relationship with God. Her passion for exploring how others experience God has led her on her own spiritual journey, including travels to India where she briefly lived in an ashram. She has taught meditation classes over a span of twenty-four years and is a certified Reike Master. She lives on a mini-farm in northeast Ohio with her husband Joe and their horses, dogs, and cat. 

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