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We Have the Stars

From childhood, otherworldly interventions and communication from beings in the spirit world compelled Pamela Moffatt to question the purpose of life. At first, her spiritual investigations included an Ouija board, but later she joined the Unification Church, otherwise known as the ‘Moonies,’ and centered her life on community, fasting, and prayer. Her quest for understanding took her through college, seminary, an arranged marriage, and travels that included the then-USSR, most of the lower 48 states, and Alaska, often living out of a van and selling roses on street corners. She hobnobbed with religious and political leaders and had a stint on food stamps while earning her doctorate. Two children, three husbands, and more than six funerals later, her story distills to the pursuit of love over truth, and truth over convenience.

2021    PB ISBN:   979-8-9851619-0-8    LCCN: 2021000000


Book Size: 6 x 9    Page Count: 664    Book Price: PB $29 99 U.S.  $34.99 CAN

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