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Brad Rouse

Brad Rouse is a climate warrior living in Asheville, NC. He is deeply involved in local efforts around the energy transition. He lobbies Congress for carbon fee and dividend as a volunteer for Citizens’ Climate Lobby. In 2016, Brad started a non-profit—Energy Savers Network—that mobilizes volunteers to help low-income people save energy, and he has participated in over 200 on-site weatherization projects himself. He has rooftop solar, and his family cars are a Tesla Model Y and a Prius Plug-in hybrid with 150,000 miles and still about nine miles of EV-only range. Brad worked for twenty years developing long-range planning studies and computer software for utility companies. He has been studying energy economics for over forty years and holds a bachelor’s in economics from Yale University, where he learned about pricing pollution in freshman economics. He received his MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and he practiced for over ten years as a Certified Financial Planner. Climate Warrior is his first book.

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