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Andrea Alemanni

Andrea Cudd Alemanni is a life-long resident of North Carolina, earning a Chemistry degree from Appalachian State University. She is a tireless volunteer, holding leadership roles on an advancement council for her alma mater, Rotary International, and the Greensboro Symphony Guild. In the agricultural industry, she has been a pesticide residue analyst and regulatory affairs consultant. Andrea’s most satisfying role is liaison between experts and the general public trying to make sense of science. This niche, along with her interest in biology and medicine, poised Andrea to become an independent patient advocate and founder of Patient Navigation Team, LLC.

About two decades ago, she drafted a book to change that paradigm. With her mother, Linda Saunders Cudd as illustrator, Ava Antibody was brought to life. She takes on this controversial topic as the inaugural book in her children’s health education series with intention­—why start anywhere else?

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