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Betty Lew Bewley

This vibrant, passionate woman from West Texas, has embraced most of her life through the art of questioning. Her questions have led her down the domestic and  vocational paths of caregiving. Her experience as caregiver began in early childhood with the nurturing of an alcoholic, schizophrenic mother. The same compassion that compelled Betty’s nurturing as a child, eventually inspired her profession as a woman. Betty’s grief and insight were the conduits of her related studies which include a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Pathology, a Master’s Degree in Counseling, and a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies. These and other academic focuses such as women’s studies, multicultural studies, language studies and feminist studies were evidence of Betty’s heartfelt desire to discover the hidden secrets of her mother’s mental illness as well as the mysteries of liberation.  


Betty’s commitment to unravelling her truth included nine years of research on the creation story of Eve, as told in diverse universal cultures and the revelation of feminine oppression caused by the patriarchal underpinnings of the first family.  Betty has written extensively on the academic subject including the Thesis for her Theological Studies Master’s Degree which she received at Austin Seminary in 2007.  Weekly publications in a local news magazine in Midland, Texas, included the author’s children stories based on the experience of her own two daughters. Other studies focused on Betty’s questions regarding the body images of young women.

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